Special Blog Post – Accessibility and FAIR UVic

Well, I am slowly crawling my way back into posting on this blog.  I have a couple of posts in draft mode right now, and am hoping to get the next one which will be related to instructor presence, up next week.  In the meantime, I wanted to salute one of my colleagues, Sue Doner.  We were colleagues at the University of Victoria, and now continue on as colleagues at Camosun College.

Sue has a passion for accessibility in online teaching and for the past three years at the University of Victoria worked with the folks at the Resource Centre for Students with a Disability to create a website called FAIR, a site which “provides information and resources for instructors looking to produce accessible and usable content and learning experiences for students.

Now, I’m not going to tell you about FAIR, I’m going to let Sue do that in this blog interview from BCCampus, 5 Questions with Sue Doner: FAIR UVic and accessibility for online courses.  And when you’ve finished reading the interview, please do visit the FAIR website.   It’s an invaluable resource for those wondering what accessibility means, and full of information on how to make your online course site accessibility for a wide variety of learners.

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